Thanks for your recent work with us! 

This page has information on City Bureau's invoicing process, payment schedule, and direct deposit set up. If you're already familiar with this you can bookmark this dedicated page for easy access to the invoice form. Otherwise, read on!


Documenters, Fellows, and freelancers who work with City Bureau are independent contractors, which means you are responsible for paying all taxes associated with your income. In order to run your payment, we'll need you to send us an invoice, which at its simplest is just a document that states: the service you provided (ex. the meeting you covered, the story you published, the photos you took) and the amount to be paid, along with some basic information, like your address, the date, and an invoice number.

There are lots of templates and plugins out there for generating invoices. is one that we like–it's simple and free.

Regardless of how you create it, please make sure your invoice includes the following:

• Your name
• Your full address, including city, state, and zip code
• The date of the invoice
• The service provided and the date it was provided ("ex. August 4th city council meeting documenters notes")
• The amount due
• A unique invoice number (Ex. #001, #002)

You can download a sample completed invoice here.

Once you have an invoice, please upload it using the form below. There's also a dedicated page for this form here that you can bookmark for easy access.


Payment Schedule

As a general rule City Bureau processes all invoices within 14 days of receipt for direct deposit within 21 days.

Invoices received by end of day on Friday to be processed on the next Monday. Payments take 5 business days to deposit, so a reimbursement processed on a Monday will be in your account by the following Monday. Requests received over the weekend or on Mondays will be pushed to the following week's cycle and can take as long as 17 days to deposit. Bank holidays can also delay this cycle.


Direct Deposit Set Up

City Bureau makes all payments via direct deposit through a platform called Gusto. After you've uploaded your first invoice, we'll send you an email through Gusto. If you click the link in the email you’ll be prompted to enter your social security number, address, and bank account coordinates. (The information is kept securely by Gusto.) Once that information is entered you’ll be set up for direct deposit, and you’ll also be able to login anytime to see your payment records or tax forms, or change your information.

That's it! Thanks again for your work. If you have any questions please email Harry Backlund at