Viewing & Adding


To view:

full meetings

open Meetings

To view all assignments:

To add:

New assignments*

*i.e. assignments not already scraped and uploaded to the aggregator

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Assigning & Managing Documenters


To open/send and log new assignments*: 

*i.e. to make new assignments available to Documenters

Requires sign in to
Documenters Airtable

Select option from "assignment_status" column

Auto-email will send to _______ when the following options are selected:

"Open Assignment"

To view all assignment applications:

i.e. to view applications for assignments Documenters want to claim

To review all Documenters records:

i.e. all collected information on Documenters

To view meeting notes:

To send meeting notes template and live-tweet guidelines:

i.e. guidelines and tips for meeting notes and live-tweeting

To close assignments

i.e. forms Documenters use to
submit final content

To submit assignments
for payment:

select "submit for payment" from status column

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Managing Trainings & Skills Surveys


Training Sign-in sheets for Documenters:

To give:

skills survey

To view:

All trainings

To open/send
and log: 

new trainings: