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About the Zine

By Ellen Mayer, Manny Ramos and Bashirah Mack; Illustrated by Jamie Hibdon; Print Design by Bea Malsky

This 32-page zine, produced during City Bureau’s Spring 2018 Fellowship, contains easy-to-read information to help incarcerated people navigate the complicated legal landscape.

* Note: Information is specific to the laws and courts of Illinois only. City Bureau is not a legal organization and we will not be able to answer your questions or provide any kind of legal advice. Information for organizations that may be able to provide assistance is on page 11 of the zine.

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This zine is available for free in downloadable PDF format (click here to start downloading).

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This zine was made possible by City Bureau, a nonprofit journalism lab based in Chicago. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation or joining our Press Club membership program. Your donations will help support translation/fact-checking for a Spanish-language version of this zine.