Founded in 2015, City Bureau is a civic journalism lab based on the South Side of Chicago. We bring journalists and community members together in a collaborative spirit to produce equitable media coverage, encourage civic participation and hold powerful forces to account.


At City Bureau, we believe that the power of journalism comes from the community. Not only should media coverage be in the interest of the people, it should be fully responsive to their needs and desires, opening pathways for community members to effect change in their communities. That comes from meaningful outreach and sustained relationships—and that’s what we’re building in Chicago. This, to us, is what it means for journalism to be a public good.

City Bureau addresses the challenges facing civic journalism by:

  • Creating and supporting a professional pipeline of journalists from diverse racial, socioeconomic, gender/sexuality and religious backgrounds

  • Producing responsible storytelling and in-depth investigations

  • Collaborating directly with communities

  • Developing and testing innovative business models that can sustain quality local journalism

City Bureau aims to redefine what local media means to a community.