The City Scrapers project began in August 2017 with a series of weekly coding sessions, continued through City Bureau's October 2017 "design-a-thon" and has since grown to include dozens of contributions from City Bureau labs' tech committee, volunteer coders and community members.

Anyone can join the City Scrapers Project.

See our "Get Involved" page for more information and our Github to get started.


Labs Committee

Committee members are committed to maintaining the city scrapers code base, collective project decision-making and onboarding new committers. they serve renewable terms and adhere to an informal concensus-seeking structure within city bureau.

Interested in becoming a city bureau labs committee member? use our contact form to get in touch.

Jim Benton

David Eads

Bonnie Fan

Cat Greim

Darryl Holliday

Rebecca Wei



contributors include all code  committers and special event attendees. Anyone can become a contributor at any time. visit our github to get started.

Dan Bergren

Novella Chiechi

Vince Cima

Sarah Conway

Audrey DeBruine

Charles Duong

Sally Eames

Eureka Foong

Paula Friedrich

Matthew Galloway

Zaynaib Giwa

Claire Herdeman

Alex Hernandez

Geoffrey Hing

Andrew Huang

Lillian Huang

Ryan Koch

Matt Krump

Milti Leonard

David Martin

Matt Meshulam

Joshua Romero

Jacob Roufa

Alexie Porres

Stella Sarbalieva

Susy Schultz

Cyrus Sethna

Eric Sherman

Pat Sier

Olivia Stovicek

Brett Vanderwerff

Ben Welsh

Maxine Whitely

Caroline Williams



Partner organizations have committed resources including grant-funding and staff time to the City Scrapers project. Geo-stuff provided by Texas A&M University GeoServices.

help us fund the city scrapers project by becoming a city bureau member.

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