Our Documenters program is a critical component in City Bureau’s mission to bridge the ideals of civic journalism with the economic and political realities in which it exists. Documenters participate in a range of City Bureau projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Attending and documenting Chicago's public meetings and civic events
  • Engaging in projects designed to increase the role of reporting and storytelling in public discourse
  • Using data, official reports and community dialogue to provide context to some of the city’s most pressing issues
  • Assisting with City Bureau's public workshop events.
  • Writing reflections to be featured on City Bureau’s blog

City Bureau's Documenters programs pays community members an hourly wage to inform and engage their communities. Documenter assignments take many forms from live-tweeting public meetings to participation in our Chicago Tracker Project. There are many ways Documenters put their skills, knowledge and experience to work for the public good.

Ideal candidates have some interest in local politics, the civic process and storytelling. $15/hour stipends and transportation are provided per event attended. Documenters must attend at least one (1) free City Bureau training session before becoming eligible for paid assignments.

Fill out the application below to enroll in our Documenters program (all are welcome!). Email Darryl Holliday at documenters@citybureau.org for more information.