Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Contracts:













ABC 7 | Father Pfleger Calls for Overhall of Police Union 

Al Jazeera | The Contract: Chicago's Police Union

Chicago Magazine | State Law Protects Police Contract Provisions Blasted by Task Force

Chicago Mayor's Office | City Council Approves Collective Bargaining Agreement with Fraternal Order of Police, Ratifying Contract with City of Chicago

Chicago Reporter | Chicago police contract scrutinized in the aftermath of Laquan McDonald’s death

Chicago Reporter | Police have their own ‘bill of rights,’ raising questions about accountability

Chicago Reporter | Can Chicago take on police union contracts this year?

Chicago Sun-Times | CPD revises street stop form yet again to boost police activity

Chicago Sun-Times | A third of Chicago city workers make $100K or more

Chicago Sun-Times | Ousted police union president trying to reclaim job

Chicago Sun-Times | CPD union says IPRA investigators don’t meet state requirements

Chicago Tribune | Cops traded away pay for protection in police contracts

Chicago Tribune | Tribune analysis: Cops who pile up complaints routinely escape discipline

Chicago Tribune | Police union boss: Cops don't want to be disciplined for hot mic moments

Chicago Tribune | Commentary: Union contracts key to reducing police misconduct

Chicago Tribune | Letter: Police union contracts don't protect wrongdoers

Chicago Tribune | Editorial: Chicago police contracts: An untenable bargain

City Bureau x South Side Weekly | Section 8.4

DNAinfo Chicago | Chicago Police Union Contract Shows Delays, Secret Meetings When Cops Shoot

Illinois Policy | Illinois Still Has Secret Collective Bargaining: Bill Fails to Get to Floor

In These Times | Lawmakers Push for Chicago Police Accountability With New Legislation in Springfield

In These Times | How Union Contracts Shield Police Departments From DOJ Reforms

In These Times | Why Black Lives Matter Is Taking On Police Unions

In These Times | After Alton Sterling and Philando Castile: How the System Punishes Protesters and Protects Police

Second City Cop | Contract Talks Coming

WTTW | Department of Justice Meets with Chicago Police Union


Fraternal Order of Police Materials:

Common Labor Relations Terms

FOP "About" Page

FOP Constitution and Bylaws

FOP Job Listings for Members

FOP Member Explainer for Grievances

FOP Newsletter Archive

FOP Note on Getting Legal Help

FOP blog: "Recent News from the Lodge" 

Seniority Bidding Explainer


Arbitration and Labor Board Rulings:

2002 | Arbitration Interest Award: Contract Dispute Resolution

2004 | FOP Comment on Arbitration Award Re: Lockup Closings (Management Rights Issue)

2005 | Arbitration Interest Award: Contract Dispute Resolution

2009 | Arbitration Award: Marathon Overtime (Management Rights Issue)

2010 | Arbitration Interest Award: Contract Dispute Resolution

2011 | Arbitration Award: Police Shooting Statements

2016 | Illinois Labor Relations Board Local Panel Decision and Order


Legislation and Policies:

Chicago Police Department Directives System

Chicago Police Department General Orders

City of Chicago Personnel Rules

HB4268 (a failed attempt to amend the labor relations act and make negotiations transparent) 

HB4476 (a failed Attempt to amend the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act and the Bill of Rights) 

HB6266 (a failed attempt to amend the public labor relations, personnel record review and local record acts)

Illinois Local Records Act

Illinois Public Labor Relations Act

Illinois Uniform Peace Officers' Disciplinary Act (Bill of Rights)

Personnel Record Review Act

SB2758 (a failed legislation to reform the Ill. Police Bill of Rights)



Amicus Curiae Brief of Jamie Kalven, John Conroy, and the Better Government Association, In Support of Defendants-Appellants

Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7 v. City of Chicago, 2016 IL App (1st) 143884


Studies and Reports:

An Impediment to Police Accountability? An Analysis of Statutory Law Enforcement Officers' Bills of Rights

Chicago Police Accountability Task Force Recommendations for Reform

Investigation of the Chicago Police Department

Laws enabling public-sector collective bargaining have not led to excessive public-sector pay

Litigating the Blue Wall of Silence: How to Challenge the Police Privilege to Delay Investigation

Police Suspects

Police Union Contracts (Preliminary draft)

Police Unions (Preliminary draft)

The Patrolmen’s Revolt: Chicago Police and the Labor and Urban Crises of the Late Twentieth Century

Why Reforms Fail


City Hall and Statehouse Transcripts:

2014 | City Hall Transcript