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Do Police Have More Rights Than Juveniles? [VIDEO]

Do Police Have More Rights Than Juveniles? [VIDEO]


In 2007, Donna Moore’s 11-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter were assaulted by an off-duty Chicago police officer. The city settled with the South Side mother in 2011, awarding her family $100,000. Her case eventually led to the release of data contained in the Citizens Police Data Project.

City Bureau and Real Chi Youth spoke with Moore and others to understand the impact of police misconduct against juveniles. Watch the video below to explore questions of police and juvenile rights with our reporters as they wrote, reported and edited the piece from Blue 1647 in Pilsen. In the process, the group sharpened their reporting skills, including sourcing, editing, interviewing and question selection from our newsroom.


This report was produced in partnership with Free Spirit Media, a nonprofit providing education, access, and opportunity in media production to over 500 underserved urban youth every year. Additional reporting by Martin Macias.