Photo: Max Herman/City Bureau

Photo: Max Herman/City Bureau

What is The Cord?

The Cord is an ongoing project to deliver news and resources directly to pregnant women, mothers and anyone else who wants information for expecting moms in Chicago.

In April, we launched a free text-message service where you can receive links and resources directly to your phone. You can ask us what you’d like to know and tell us what you think those expecting should know.

Who are we? (from top left) Janaya Greene, Camille Powell, Sarah Conway, Emeline Posner and Caroline Olsen are reporters with City Bureau, a civic journalism lab based in Woodlawn.

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Special Issue

On June 11, 2019, City Bureau published a special Maternal Health Issue with Austin Weekly News. Inside, readers found 10 stories that tackled issues of racial inequity in maternal health by focusing on community solutions and resilience. The data shows that there’s a maternal health crisis in America, and it’s especially dire for Black women, even more so in the state of Illinois. But through interviews with birth workers and dozens of conversations with moms living on the South and West Sides, we found that there’s so much more to the story.

Click here for full issue PDF.

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